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An airline created to bring sanity to air travel while making it accessible to the many and not the few...

We are world class

We are high value

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What you see, is what you get. Pay for only what you need. Simple! We all can now choose to fly! Get ready for the new normal.


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We offer the opportunity of flying to everyone

Affordable for young people

jetWest is all about creating opportunities to travel by air. Especially for people who couldn't afford it until now. A lot of people don't consider it an option, but our affordable ticket prices will make your dream come true!

Travel without boundaries

Cell Phones changed the way we kept in touch with friends, family and also conducted business. With our proposed network & affordability we will be in a city near you very soon. There are no limits, there are no boundaries between you and the world.

Discover Africa

Africa is a beautiful and amazing continent. One of our missions is to connect Africa with more frequencies to more cities in the next 5 years. We want you to discover Africa in ways you have never thought of. Discover the world you live in, and let us guide you through your journey.

Affordable for all social classes

jetWest will make you smile every single time you come in contact with us. Making air travel accessible to everyone isn't our only mission. We will make your life easier by creating a great travel experience. We want to bring people together. Happy people make happy communities.

work with us

Our people come first. You are the key to success!

We know that THE secret to our success will be the people we hire, not our planes or our products. jetWest is looking only for the best.

This does't mean you must have a Ph.D, a masters degrees or even previous airline experience. We will train you to have the skills you need, and continue to retrain you to make you a well rounded team member. With that said, we are looking for people that exhibit the following three attributes:

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Fighting Spirit

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Helping Heart

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Fun Loving Attitude

jetWest will quickly become the best place to work in Africa. Fortunately, we start hiring this summer. You can subscribe to receive a notification once we start hiring!

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We are currently recruiting for Cabin Crew and Customer Success Associates


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Our promises and logic

Sanity. Affordability. Innovation. Service. Simplicity.

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Great Flight Prices

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Straight Forward Service

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Pay What You Want

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Fantastic Attitude

We estimate the demand for lower airfare in West Africa & Central Africa equals a market of 10 million new passenger trips per year flying domestically within Nigeria and the West/Central African sub region.

This market is currently unserved or underserved.

jetWest with a clean sheet opportunity, has the ability to structure its costs as Low Cost Carrier to dominate this 10 million passenger market, which equals 40 Airbus A320 aircraft over the coming 5 years.

Our company is led by a knowledgeable management team with world class experience who understand the airline industry and is supported by an accomplished Board of Directors.

We plan to offer base airfares significantly lower than those of existing carriers and comparable to road transporters. Our intention is to offer high levels of service with on demand in-flight service to everyone, attracting new passengers who have never flown before or who believe that flying is not within their reach.

jetWest is what happens when we get tired of the status quo and decide to disrupt the West/Central African market, starting with Nigeria.

A detailed 40 aircraft route structure model and business plan has been constructed to cover the first five years of operations.

Welcome to the new normal!